AlpinAir 'See you later'

Also known as "Double Air TIme", this flight departs from the same location as the "Top Flight", Beatenberg, but allows for a much longer flight time.

When thermal winds are at their best (usually in the warm afternoon) our pilots soar passengers into the sky for an extended, 20-40 minute flight.

If scenery is what you want, and more air time is what you crave, the "See you Later" flight is for you!


trip includes:

     - qualified tandem paragliding pilot
     - transportation
     - pick up from meeting point or your hotel/hostel (Interlaken only)

extra information

     - no experience necessary
     - maximum weight 110 kg
     - In case of bad weather/wind we refund or rebook the selected flights


PDF Facts

Download a PDF fact sheet with all the information about the selected tour Download pdf

In about 20 minutes we drive in our van from Interlaken to Beatenberg-Amisbühl, have a short walk and arrive at the takeoff area with its amazing view on Eiger Mönch and Jungfrau.


takeoff Beatenberg
landing field Interlaken
height difference 800m / 2'624ft
transportation van (included)
times 11:30 - 14:15
season all year
airtime 20 - 40 mins
duration (trip) 90 - 120 mins



  1. Beatenberg Amisbühl
  2. Interlaken Höhematte