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Paragliding "Big Blue" Summer

  BEATENBERG - INTERLAKEN 1350M CHF 170.-      Our driver takes you and the pilot up the mountain with our Paragliding-Interlaken van. During the 20-minute drive you will receive the "safety-talk" and a briefing on the take-off and landing process. After being dropped off, walk 3 minutes to the take-off site while enjoying the majestic view over the Interlaken region and Jungfrau mountain. Capture the memory! Picture & video service: see your experience on the ipad of your pilot and to your liking, receive the USB stick at the end of your flight. Photo: CHF 32.- / Photo & Video: CHF 40.-  Trip details: Free pick up from hostel / hotel or the train station Shuttle service to Beatenberg Tandem paragliding flight from Beatenberg to Interlaken Professional paragliding pilot plus all necessary equipment for a safe and fun trip More info: Interlaken is a prime location for paragliding Weight limitations: 100kg / 220lbs Minimum age: 6 years with parents' consent / no maximum age restriction Groups: more than 10 people need to prebook:   Trip duration: 75 minutes Altitude: 800m from Interlaken to Beatenberg (1350m from sea level)  

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Helicopter Skydive

Helicopter Skydive from 4000m. Your jump with us will be a unique and unforgettable experience. We jump right here in the Swiss Alps, Switzerland's most breathtaking area.

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Hanggliding Tandemflights

Come feel the BUZZ!! Hanggliding is flying in its purest form. Fast, flat just like you dream. Catch thermals and up-drafts, experience wing-overs, stalls, dives or just a simple easy float over Interlaken. Flying in Interlaken offers a great view over the Swiss Alps and the lakes around it. Come join the freindly team Bumble Bee for the real flying feeling!! Maximum Weight: 90 Kg (200 Lbs)

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Airplane Skydiving

 Tandem Skydiving.........3, 2, 1 jump!   3 activities in 1. It all starts with an amazing 15 minute scenic flight. As the aircraft climbs to altitude you will experience a beautiful scenic flight with views of Interlaken's two lakes and the incredible Swiss Alps, including the infamous peaks, Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau. The flight is followed by the thrill of a 45 second freefall with one of our experienced instructors. You will experience an adrenalin rush like never before as you freefall at 200 KPH (120MPH). Once the parachute is deployed you will enjoy an amazing 5-7 minute canopy ride, giving you time to take in all the excitement before landing softly back on the ground. Be sure to get the video & photos to capture long lasting memories of your skydiving adventure in the Swiss Alps!   Weight restrictions: Min. weight 40 kg / Max. weight of 105 kg (NOTE! All weight limits are including the clothes and shoes you will be most likely wearing on the day of your skydive.) Age restrictions: min. age of 18 years OR 16 years with signed parental consent Freefall: approx. 45 seconds Season: Daily (except some National Holidays) Meeting point: Reichenbach Airport in Kandertal or at your hotel/hostel/train station in Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen or Wilderswil. Lauterbrunnen pick up available 30 minutes before trip time for the first trip time of each day. Wilderswil pick up available 10 minutes before the trip time for the first trip of each day. Interlaken pick up is always available. Duration: approx. 3.5 hours round trip from Interlaken What to wear: Shoes that can't fall off and weather appropriate clothing Standard Jump: 4000m (13,000ft) Upgrade to High Jump 4600m (15,000ft): For additional CHF 35.00, upgrade on the day to the higher jump for approx. 15 seconds longer freefall. We can only confirm the higher jump at the trip time because it is dependent on weather and air traffic. Video and photo options: Sign up on the day Handcam video/photos: Tandem master wears a camera on their wrist to capture your skydive CHF 120.00 - photos or video CHF 150.00 - photos and video *Outside Camera Flyer: 2nd person follows you out of the aircraft to capture your skydive CHF 180.00 - photos or video CHF 210.00 - photos and video * NOTE: outside camera flyer is subject to availability and can only be arranged on the day of your jump upon arrival at the dropzone.                                                                                                      Find us on    Click here for directions!

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Canyoning Chli Schliere

The best of the best, Chli Schliere takes canyoning to the ultimate level. This canyon has high rappels, big jumps, fast slides and is considered the best in the region. Chli Schliere is a physically demanding and technical canyon with a high adrenaline factor. It is suitable for confident, athletic people who want to be challenged. Digital video service available – a professional videoguide will travel the canyon with you taking great footage of all the beauty and uniqueness of your experience- order your personalized and edited video in advance!   Important: make sure you know your meeting point, click HERE   Recommended for: adventurous athletic people. What’s Included: Canyoning Equipment, professional guides, Free drink and snack after the trip Free pick up from designated meeting points. Changing rooms and hot showers available at our base in Interlaken. What to bring: Swimsuit, towel, small day bag, money for video and souvenirs Requirements: Swimming ability:  Required Fitness:  Above average fitness Minimum age:  14 Weight:  max 125 kg Duration: 7 hours inc. transport and changing time. 3 - 4 hours in the canyon. More Info:   Video Service  Option Price Description 1 Person Video CHF 58.- A documentary style video starring YOU! 2-12 Person Video CHF 49.- per person A documentary style video starring you and your friends. Group Highlights Video CHF 70.- (2-5 people) CHF 14.- for each extra person A short video featuring 2 highlights from the trip.  

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Bungy Jump Stockhorn

Stockhom bungy located in the Swiss Alps is one of the most breathtaking and unusual bungy sites in the world. You are lifted 134m up in a mountain gondola, the doors open and you take the plunge; leaping and freefalling towards the pristine mountain lake Stocksee. Enjoy the rush of a lifetime and remember to smile for the camera! Please note that for safety reasons, personal cameras and GoPros are not permitted in the gondola.   Important: make sure you know your meeting point, click HERE   Recommended for: Everyone What’s Included: Qualified guides,equipment, gondola ticket and transport What to bring: Warm clothes and some money for photos and souvernirs Closed shoes   Minimum age:  14 Minimum weight 45 kg (100 lbs) Weight:  max. 115 kg (253 lbs) Duration: 4-5 hours from Interlaken Photo Service: CHF 58.- More Details: Get Busy Living! Bungy-Jumping  360° Tour  

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River Rafting Lütschine

The mighty Lütschine offers some of the best whitewater rafting in the Swiss Alps. Straight from the start below the Eiger North Face, continuous class III-IV rapids surge down from the mountains and out into the Interlaken valley and the Lake of Brienz. It is an exhilarating rush from start to finish. Digital photo service available – a professional photographer will travel along the river taking great photos of all the beauty and uniqueness of your experience- order your photo package in advance!    Important: make sure you know your meeting point, click  HERE   Recommended for: Athletic and adventurous people. What’s Included: Rafting Equipment, professional guides Free drink after the trip Free pick up from designated meeting points. Changing rooms available at our base in Interlaken. What to bring: Swimsuit, towel, small day bag, money for photos or souvenirs Requirements: Swimming ability:  Good swimming ability required Minimum age:  14 Weight:  max. 125 kg Duration: 4 hours including transport and changing time. 1 1/2 - 2 hours on river. Photo Service: CHF 28.- Souvenir digital photos with minimum 25 personal and group photos from your trip.  360° Tour:  Roundme Tour: Rafting Lütschine  

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Jet Boat Ride

Take a seat in Switzerlands first commercial Jetboat! We offer a great mix of Fun, an turquoise blue lake, breathtaking landscapes and impressive waterfalls! 

Canyon Swing

Standing on the platform 90 meters above the canyon is on it's own enough to make your legs weak, but then to step off into the abyss, freefall towards the ground and then scream at 120km/h between the canyon walls is easily the most scary ride money can buy.   Important: make sure you know your meeting point, click HERE   Recommended for: Anyone.  What’s Included: Equipment and transportation. What to bring: Warm clothing depending on the weather. Requirements: ​Weight:  max. 120 kg Minimum age 14 Duration:  2.5 hrs including transport. Photo Service: Video service available.

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Family Fun Half Day Kayak Session

A half day full of fun and adventure that’ll put smiles on the faces of all the family. Be the captain of you own ship, take a swim in the turquoise waters from a hidden beach and test your balance while standing up or Eskimo kissing your boat. The half day is packed full of games and challenges, which will leave you all wanting more. An important prerequisite: be ready for a splash or two! Lake Brienz is one of Switzerland’s most beautiful lakes and its enchanting turquoise colour is a real treat for all the family.

Interlaken Top 10

Skydive in the mornings, Paraglide, Hang glide from lunch time, Bungy and Canyon Jump any time!

Almost any day is good for water sports. Canyoning, Jet boat, Kayaking etc.